Welcome to Early Language Learners

We make learning a second language fun!

A child who learns a second language doesn't just expand his vocabulary; he gains a greater understanding of other cultures, traditions and people. Research shows that the optimal time for learning a new language ends at puberty -- making the elementary and pre-school years a rich (yet brief) window of opportunity. Our mission is to create programs and curriculum geared to elementary age children. We focus only on programs for children and continually strive to improve them.

We offer dynamic, interactive foreign-language classes that are designed and taught by educators. Our instructors are experienced, well-trained and enthusiastic about working with young people. Each lesson is lighthearted and energetic, filled with age-appropriate songs, games, puppet shows and other memorable activities. Our students have a great time -- and parents are delighted their child has the opportunity to learn a second language early.

Early Language Learner programs are offered on-site in elementary schools throughout the Greater Houston area. We have been providing Spanish and Chinese language classes for after school programs for 12 years.

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